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We're turning TWO! Last year's event was so fun we are truly stoked to be gathering once again! FELICITATION 2018 marks the debut of several new beers, including Felicitation 2018, a 100% oak-fermented and barrel-aged, Brett-kissed saison with a blend of local jostaberries and raspberries plus rare guest brews including our Austin, Texas pals Jester King, and live bluegrass. WE CAN’T WAIT!

WHEN: SATURDAY JUNE 23, 2-8pm (limited bottle release/ages 21+) and SUNDAY JUNE 24, 12-5pm (families welcome, no admission)

WHERE: Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery, 30203 NE Benjamin Rd. Newberg OR 97132


$20 TASTING TICKET: Entry for one guest on June 23rd (21+) plus a nice commemorative glass designed by our in-house artist Jason Sturgill; THREE 4oz. beer tastes of any draft (see extended list under the “additional info” tab), and access to several bottle releases! Limit one ticket/one glass per person at entry.



1 Entry, 1 Glass, SIX four-ounce tastes, PLUS a 500ml bottle of Felicitation 2018. So good!

Each ticket holder must be present to pick up Felicitation. The bottles will be available for pickup at anytime during the event.

ON SUNDAY: The Tasting Room & Beer Garden will be open Sunday for all ages from noon-5pm for no admission cost, but Felicitation, glassware, and other special beers for Saturday may be sold out. Thanks and let us know if you have questions! 

Confrmed Guest Breweries so far, beer lists TBA as soon as we know...
Jester King, Austin TX
Cloudburst, Seattle WA

Cellar West, Boulder CO
Pen Druid, Sperryvilla, VA
E9, Tacoma, WA

Alesong, Eugene, OR

Twin Sails, Port Moody, BC

General Admission:
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Alesong - Eugene, OR
A fellow Oregonian farmhouse brewery from former Oakshire head brewer Matt Van Wyck, Alesong makes outstanding saisons, wood-aged beers, and other whimsies. 

Bailey's Joy - An imperial stout made with cocoa nibs and toasted coconut, a beer made to help celebrate Bailey's Taproom 10th anniversary! A rich, strong beer with deep, dark chocolate aromas with background hints of toasted coconut and an integrated thread of bourbon piercing the rich decadent flavors.  While strong, at 10.5 percent, it drinks sweet, smooth, and balanced. 10.5% ABV

Raspberry Gose - A gose style ale made with Oregon raspberries from Stahlbush Island Farms and Jacobsen Sea Salt harvested right here on the Oregon coast, this beer is the perfect embodiment of Oregon summer.  4.9% ABV; 9 IBU

Jester King, Austin, TX
A farm-based brewery in the Hill Country outside Austin using indigenous yeasts and an uncompromising approach to quality. Our first head brewer Jordan Keeper was the first head brewer of Jester King, and so far we've brewed two collabs with this world-famous brewery.

RU55 - Barrel aged sour red ale. Red ale aged in oak barrels with wild yeast and souring bacteria. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bottle-conditioned. This beer is a tribute to our good friend Russ Beattie. Ranks, Thuss. 7.3% ABV; 16 IBU

Part & Parcel - Part & Parcel, made from just well water, Texas barley, hops, yeast, and bacteria, is a great example of our philosophy on farmhouse ales. In this case, the land told us what beer to make, not the other way around. 4.4% ABV; 53 IBU

Cloudburst, Seattle, WA
Working out of one of the most unique brewery spaces in the Emerald city, a former stables for mounted police, Cloudburst is gaining wide acclaim for their seemingly never ending stream of clean and hoppy ales.

Buffering - IPA with Citra, Mandarina, Amarillo, & 2303. 6.4% ABV; 60 IBU

Pen Druid, Sperryville, VA
100% spontaneous, wild, barrel-fermented, wood-fired, and naturally carbonated. Any questions?!

Sun People - Barrel-fermented and aged 11 months in Hungarian oak. Blended Blonde Sour made with raw organic wheat from the Farm at Sunnyside and our "Critter" culture of wile yeasts and souring bacteria. 7% ABV

E9, Tacoma, WA
Quietly killing it as Tacoma's first modern brewery (est. 1995), E9 is fast accruing all kinds of buzz for nailing beers across the entire brewing spectrum.

Dark Passenger - Aged days shy of a full year on Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrels. Wonderful aromas and notes of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and bourbon make this easy drinking Imperial Stout a timely pleasure to imbibe. 11.5% ABV

Cellar West, Boulder, CO
Founder and head brewer Zach Nichols is rapidly gaining notice in the Rocky Mountains and beyond for an array of wild and barrel aged saisons, wild ales, and experimental brews. 

Westfield - This pale saison is fermented in oak barrels with our wile yeast culture. Wheat, rye & oats lay a pillowy mouthfeel beneath fruity notes of white grape and pear. 6.4% ABV

Peace & Assist IV (collab with Call to Arms brewing co.) - Brewed in the spirit of Colorado Comraderie, this special rye saison is fermented in oak barrels with our wild yeast culture. Made with raw and malted rye and dry hopped lightly with Hallertau Blanc and Amarillo hops. 5.6% ABV

Twin Sails, Port Moody, Vancouver BC
Harking from the outskirts East of Vancouver, BC, Twin Sails are stalwarts of the local beer scene, which we're happy to help show off in their first Oregon appearance.

Single Whammy (hoppy) - Our brand new full time IPA. Single Whammy is brewed with Australian hops, Galaxy and Vic Secret. Expect huge tropical fruit and citrus notes upfront, balanced by a slightly dank finish. 6.7% ABV; 56 IBU

From Wolves & People... some **new**, some fresh, some well-aged...

**El Verso! - El Verso, named for a mysterious old wood painted door inside the barn, is a delicious new hazy farmhouse IPA brewed with super fragrant, locally-foraged Elderflower blossoms and a mix of Ariana, Loral, and Citra dryhops. El Verso is "The Song" of summer, coming to 16oz cans in early July.

**Sebastian Coupage -  Coupage is a term referrring to a blend of young and aged saison. This fresh, tart take on the style is a blend of 500L puncheon-fermented and 228L French oak cask-fermented and aged saison presenting classic tart, faintly bitter, faintly oaky notes.

**Friends in Far Places - a collab with Amalga Distillery, Juneau, AK, this is a rustic saison brewed with Devil's Club and Labrador Tea foraged in the foothills outside Juneau. Earthy, juicy, spicy, intriguing... and highly drinkable!

**Riverain - a collab with Migration Brewing and the Brewshed Alliance, grisette mashed in on a bed of local hay, then brewed with a blend of wild nettles and mustard florets we foraged in the meadow near Wolves & People and spiced with French Triskel hops.

**Neuberg - kellerpils/vollbier - This new rustic lager is an homage to Franconian standards like Mahr's Braú's famed "U", a.k.a.  ungespundet hefetrub. A 5% kellerbier kissed with Northern Brewer and Hallertau Mittlefruh, Neuberg (pronounced Noy-burg) has a cracking finish, substantial malty body with faintly sweet crackerish flavors and all-time balance! Newberg, our hometown, was named for Neuberg an Danau, a beautiful brewing and malting town in Bavaria, by a pioneer named Sebastian Brutscher, whose former property we now call home. We cannot wait to share this crisp, fresh, traditional unfiltered lager with you! 

**Landbouw IV (Monastic) - fulsome but light grisette brewed with aromatic Belgian specialty monastic malts, hopped with Arianna, then dryhopped with Styrian Golding, and keg condtioned (draft)

**Oak & Instinct - a new take on Instinctive Travels saison, barrel aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin barrels with wild yeast and bacteria. So good! 

**Honeycone - hazy/NEIPA brewed with Nugget, Centennial, Citra, & Enigma hops, and local cilantro honey. Delish!


Postman Spelt APA, batch XII, our tasty hazy farmhouse ale with spelt, this version dryhopped with Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, Equanot, and even a little Nugget for fun. Seriously: best batch ever! 

Instinctive Travels XIV - Luscious pillowy trad, saison dry hopped w Mosaic, Hallertau Blanc, and Crystal, then keg-conditioned (draft and in 750ml with Brettl)


WP1 aka Brutaal - Last Keg! Barrel aged Belgian pale ale w Brett (draft)(2016)

OE2 aka Blend One - Last Keg! Our award-winning barrel aged saison and Belgian pale ale, brewed with aged hops from Jester King (draft)(2016)

LO3 aka Ginstinctive - Last Keg! Old Tom Gin Barrel Aged saison w brett (2016)

VE4 aka Dark Saison - Last Keg! A ruddy, tanned leather hued barrel-aged saison w Brett (draft)(2016)

Montmorrissey - Last keg! A barrel-aged wild saison with Montmorency cherries that was gone all too soon. With lots of Brett character and pie-spice like flavors that recall cinnamon (2017)


Instinctive Travels 750ml

Oak & Instinct 750ml

Pesca (limited quantities)(750ml)

La Truffe (limited quantities)(750ml)

Sebastian Smoke - Smoked Black Cherry Saison (500ml) 

Vale Reserve 750ml

Felicitation 2018 500ml

Sebastian Cherry 500ml

THE FINE PRINT Contact Christian@WolvesandPeople.com to inquire about being a designated driver on Saturday. Simply print your confirmation and come to the brewery expecting to have your name on a list. Only ticket holders will be admitted on Saturday! Please carpool, driving respectfully on the farm and in our neighborhood. Farm gates open for parking at 1:00pm and event begins at 2pm. If you have a ticket for the event itself or bottle option, there's no need to rush! We will have your glass and bottle reserved. Feel free to BRING A PICNIC but no outside alcohol allowed. Please, no smoking. Always be respectful of neighbors.