EVENTS - August-September 2017

Friday, Sept. 8th, 2017 - CRUSHPAD 2017
Attention Wine Industry! Interns, mavens, minions, and makers, Wolves & People would like to invite you to the 2nd annual party toasting you, the wineries that we enjoy and respect! Details: 2nd Annual! Beer, fun, lawn games, music, food by R&R Culinaire, wine industry folk. Rain or shine!
Age 21+, bring valid ID. Kids with parents welcome until 9pm.

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - SCRATCHDOG STRING BAND 

Scratchdog Stringband returns to our tasting room for a performance! They've been creating a name for themselves as the vanguard of a high-energy, innovative brand of bluegrass that satisfies both old-school traditionalists of the genre while enchanting modern audiences with a style of music they didn't yet know they loved. Some of the hardest working young musicians in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland-based ensemble has blazed through over three-hundred shows in the last two years alone, entertaining audiences with their rich harmonies, lush fiddle lines and break-neck banjo picking. PLUS! Local cuisine for purchase by the chefs from R&R Culinaire! 

Saturday & Sunday September 23-24, 2017 - FOUR BOTTLES & A CAN RELEASE WEEKEND
September surprise: we are releasing five, count 'em FIVE delectable new beers! They are: Melonette, a barrel-aged saison refermented in oak with local kiwi (500ml); Sebastian Cherry, a barrel-aged sour beer with tart local Montmorency cherries (500ml); Sebastian Plum Saison; a barrel-aged wild ale with plums from our own trees, with a mixed brett-, lacto-, and Sebastian wild yeast culture (750ml); Sebastian Smoke, a smoked Stella Black cherry saison, a collab brewed here with Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist Bierkultur, in Cologne, Germany (500ml), and a super-fresh new version of Crushpad, our fall-seasonal pils brewed for the winemakers and cellarhands among us (16oz). We should also have on hand bottles of Instinctive Travels and Tractor Pull old ale, plus surprise library beers on draft! Limit 12 per type.

Sunday, Sept. 25th - PARK KITCHEN POP UP

Join celebrated Park Kitchen chef/founder Scott Dolich (Portland, Ore.) and his crew for a memorable day of food-and-beer pairings! If you haven't been to Park Kitchen, listen to the experts: recognized as a Top Ten chef in the USA by Food+Wine, and twice nominated by the prestigious James Beard Foundation as the best chef in the Pacific Northwest, Dolich and Co., known to be passionate beer lovers, are creating a one-of-a-kind, a la carte menu based entirely on locally-sourced fare that is not to be missed! The fine print: no admission, pay-as-you-go, minors welcome, pets on leash. Come hungry & thirsty!

KIDS ARE NOW ALLOWED! Great news, minors are now allowed with adult supervision whenever we are open (or up until 9pm on Thurs/Friday). We have hot chocolate, root beer, and trail mix for them and you are also welcome to bring your own provisions within reason (uh, no birthday parties, please). Naturally, we require that your kids behave and do not run free among the other patrons who enjoy the tranquility here. The brewery is not a playground. Please keep kids in sight, definitely out of the orchards and brewery production spaces.