FELICITATION 2017: Tix are going fast for our first birthday and a bottle release (June 3, 2017)! Details here

KIDS ARE NOW ALLOWED! Great news, minors are now allowed with adult supervision whenever we are open (or up until 9pm on Thurs/Friday). We have hot chocolate, root beer, and trail mix for them and you are also welcome to bring your own provisions within reason (uh, no birthday parties, please). Naturally, we require that your kids behave and do not run free among the other patrons who enjoy the tranquility here. The brewery is not a playground. Please keep kids in sight, definitely out of the orchards and brewery production spaces. 

NEW TAPS: We now have our beer in a wider selection of places around town. In an effort to introduce our beer to a variety of beer lovers we now have draft beer in nearly 40 spots outside the brewery. Check the updated list here