DEC 2018 - Greetings friends and fans!
Lots of news as we roll into December!

First, we have new expanded hours: the Tasting Room & Beer Garden Tent are open the following times:

THURS 4-8pm ***NEW!!!**
FRI 4-8pm
SAT 12-8PM
SUN 12-6PM

From Tuesday-Friday from 11am until closing you can come in to take beer & merch home to go, in bottles, cans, growlers, etc., but the tasting room is only open Thurs-Sunday currently!

#TENTLIFE: Is that a thing? It should be. Come hang in our cozy & heated new canvas winter tent outside, with ample seating for 30, sipping on the latest new beers! Honeycone (above), is back and better than ever with a juicy Citra-Galaxy hop blend. Also back on shelves: the classic Instinctive Travels Saison-brett (draft & 750ml), Goldberry Barrel Aged Saison with golden raspberries (500ml), Nutfarm Robust Porter with hazelnuts and Woodblock chocolate cacao nibs (draft & 750ml), Vale Cherry Reserve (500ml), El Verso III, hazy with Pinot noir juice from Argyle Winery (16oz cans), Crushpad Pils (16oz cans), AND new green tees! 

PLUS: Glassware Sale: Now thru Christmas our logo'd Felicitation glasses are just $3 or two for $5! Stocking Stuffers anyone?!

Ash Woodfired RETURNS! Saturday Dec. 15th, Ash Woodfired Pizza will return to the farm for a day of beer-and-pizza pairing. With the local ingredients they use—right down to the wild  yeast they use to leaven their dough, grown from wine country grapes—and awesome technique it is sure to be a great afternoon! Noon-until they run out Saturday! 

We're glad to say on your next visit you may get to greet some new faces. Please welcome warmly to the team Kevin Mayer, and Chris Kaiser, hard-working brewers and beer fanatics who will be staffing our taproom and helping out around the brewery as needed! Welcome guys! 

More news soon re. bottle releases, a Christmas party, and more. Cheers all and see you very soon! 


Of Wolves & Amber Waves

When we dreamt up Wolves & People the grand vision was as impractical as it is romantic, to build a self-sustaining farmhouse brewery for which many if not most ingredients are grown on site. While we already have access to our great well water, wild yeast, farm-grown filberts, hops, plums, berries, bee hives, and scores of foraged and farmed plants, we started thinking: what if we grew enough suitable barley for malting, too?

It’s a challenging concept on several levels, so last week we consulted with barley and grape farmers, maltsters, & habitat restoration experts on an exciting new project. Working under the guidance of Oregon State Barley Breeding Program professor Dr. Pat Hayes, and with farming support from our family right here on Springbrook farm and neighbors Rex-Hill/A to Wineworks (among others too numerous to list), we’re going to be planting a small area of test rows of various barley varieties a few steps away from the brewery this fall. 

Goschie Farms Willamette Valley Test Barley Plots

Goschie Farms Willamette Valley Test Barley Plots

The goals are several: 1. further research in Willamette Valley barley farming, especially the “terroir” factor—the emerging idea that site influences flavor. 2. Plant soil-regenerating cover and rotational crops, working to find out which other grains—i.e. spelt, white wheat, and oats—thrive in our clay-rich soil, using dry farming as well as certified Salmon-Safe standards and low-impact pest and weed management. 3. Grow enough of said barley to malt, then brew with in the coming year. Stay tuned for more -- cheers! Pic taken at the beautiful Goschie Farms, Inc.

Prof Pat Hayes at a test barley research site, Peoria Farms

Prof Pat Hayes at a test barley research site, Peoria Farms

Our First Canned IPA: EL VERSO! 

Limeblossoms, Mosaic, Enigma... mmmm.

Introducing EL VERSO, Batch 1: A hazy farmhouse IPA brewed with foraged linden blossoms in 16oz cans! We crafted this beer with a simple grain bill of pilsner malt, malted wheat, & oats for a nice, juicy texture. Then, in the kettle, we added a heaping harvest of fresh Linden blossoms from farmer Patty Hall of B&P Hill Farm just a few miles from the brewery, on Parrett Mountain. Linden blossom, also known as Lime blossom, is an ancient fragrant tree flower with a pronounced lime perfume character adding a delicate flowery-citrus note to the beer. A nice dosing at the end of the boil with Mosaic hops, along with bountiful dry-hopping of Enigma, Mosaic, and Simcoe makes this beer hugely aromatic, containing little bitterness, and containing maximum flavor! With a mixed Belgian and domesticated yeast culture, El Verso is a supremely quaffable IPA wafting waves of the entire citrus family, orange blossom, and something like a fresh, cold piña colada. Batches two and three of El Verso, each in a new formulation, come later this summer. Come on out! 7% ABV; 12 IBU! $20/4 pack; 1 case limit (24 16oz cans)


KIDS ARE NOW ALLOWED! Great news, minors are now allowed with adult supervision whenever we are open but never after 9pm. We have hot chocolate, root beer, and trail mix for them and you are also welcome to bring your own provisions within reason (uh, no birthday parties, please). Naturally, we require that your kids behave and do not run free among the other patrons who enjoy the tranquility here. The brewery is not a playground. Please keep kids in sight, definitely out of the orchards and brewery production spaces.