In the old wooden barn, time is a guest. Wolves & People, an artisanal brewing company based on historic Springbrook Hazelnut Farm in Newberg, Oregon, is dedicated to the art of true farmhouse brewing, wild ales, and simply great beer.


With experience in brewing, winemaking, agriculture, inn keeping, and the ancient art of coopering (building oak barrels), we've been at this as a family for 45 years, carrying on the work of this area's first pioneers, who settled here. Here on the farm, since 1840, hay, hops, oats, wheat, wine, hazelnuts, oak casks, pears, apples, heirlooms, horses, cider (and hard cider, naturally), and some really cool art projects have come to life.  


Along the way, we've come to love beer above all. From home brews starting in the mid-1990s to more recent commercial collaboration brews with Odell, in Fort Collins, and The Commons, in Portland, Oregon, craft beer is our heartfelt passion.

Using the art of mixed fermentation, we create, age, blend, and bottle unique, small-batch beers exhibiting the beautiful wildness of Oregon terroir. The result: a bold new family of beers that reflects the bounty of the Willamette Valley.

We are Wolves & People.

Come run with us.

—Christian DeBenedetti, Founder