Untaming is Everything. 

This a brewery based on community, risk, and reward. When we were kids growing up on this farm, we played a backyard game of tag on summer nights called Wolves & People, which ended—you guessed it—when all but one fleet-footed winner had been bitten by, and become, a wolf. Which was more fun? 


It’s a bit like Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood: we're taking beer and and flavors into the wild, exploring our nature versus nurture, or our sense order vs. the thrill of disorder. We’ll brewing experimenting widely with the blending of styles, using wild yeasts most brewers (and winemakers) fear. 


Then, there’s hops (Lupulus), from Lupus, or wolf (for their voracious growth patterns), which we view with a healthy respect. They were grown here on this land in the 1840s by Bavarian stowaway-turned-pioneer and beer guy Sebastian Brutscher, who named our hometown Newberg after his birthplace, Neuberg on Danau. 


Wish us luck! In Italy, there’s a famous phrase for that: In bocca al lupo. Into the mouth of the wolf. The response is Crepi lupo! Perish the wolf! 

We are Wolves & People.

Loners welcome.